Project Room - Marignana Arte

Mats Bergquist. The darkness of light

Ilaria Bignotti

In devoting the Project Room to Mats Bergquist, a Swedish artist who over the last decades has carried out an intensely lyrical pictorial-environmental research, Marignana Arte offers a careful selection of his recent work, creating a dialog between plastic elements and pictorial environmental installations, in which the striving of the monochrome toward the third dimension conveys a metaphysical value, precisely that of the object shaped by the artist, a connecting medium between matter and thought.

Actually, Bergquist develops works where the gradual layering of materials creates absorbent and bright surfaces, heightened by the concave and convex forms, the accurate ripples and deep furrows of the surface, thereby turned into an epidermic membrane intimately related to the wall supporting it and the eye exploring it.

As implied by the title, the project suggests the emanation of an infinity of degrees of light, heightened by the blackness of the works on exhibit: vibrant, shifting objects that distil luminosity, thanks to the artist’s learned skill: through a sophisticated knowledge of materials, he experiments with the preciousness of marble, the malleability of earths, including diaphanous encaustic, endowing each work with an archetypal and pictorial import, as suggested by the very titles of his works: ranging from the composition of square works, protruding and recessed to create wall shapes, Siah and Ayiasma 2, to the metaphysical Darume, guardian-eggs of the original power of sculpture; from the Interrupted Monochrome, a conceptual maturation on the plasticity of monocolor, to the Concave Convex, that beginning with the title enucleate one of the directions of the artist’s plastic-visual work.

A work possessing ancient roots and inevitably permeated with the inspirations of Bergquist’s land: a mythical place where the might of Nature is expressed in vast spaces, dense mists, whitish glares, in a purity of visions that is the rarefied mirror of a profound communion with things. A Nature that becomes a mythical presence, shaping humankind’s knowledge: for Marignana Arte’s Project Room Mats Bergquist has chosen the most mysterious and silent, profound aspect, inscrutable if not through an intimate communion with the work, that mediates between physical and spiritual experience: these are the suggestions that Bergquist’s language will be able to emanate, expressed in obscurely potent visual forces-forms.
In this sense, the project room’s path dialogues with Wintersaga, the work exhibited in the successive What Whalls Want: where, consistently with the exhibition theme, the work of the Swedish artist becomes a milky and ethereal wall-screen, witness of a lived and dramatic experience. Bergquist’s work has the power to absorb the traces of experience and to create an abstraction that veils and reveals the profound secret of man, translating into forces / plastic forms of obscure power.

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